blocked funds

Money that cannot be transferred to another country because of exchange controls

Accounting dictionary. 2014.

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  • blocked funds — Fin money that cannot be transferred from one place to another, usually because of exchange controls imposed by the government of the country in which the funds are held …   The ultimate business dictionary

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  • blocked — [blɒkt ǁ blɑːkt] adjective money that is blocked cannot be taken out of the country or changed into another currency: • The company managed to find a loophole to unblock its blocked money. • The funds are in blocked deposits at the Bank of New… …   Financial and business terms

  • Blocked Account — An account that is subject to foreign exchange controls in a country that restricts the amount of its currency that can be transferred to other countries or exchanged into other currencies. It can also refer to accounts that are frozen, either by …   Investment dictionary

  • blocked currency — A currency that cannot be removed from a country as a result of exchange controls Trading usually takes place in such currencies at a discount through brokers specializing in blocked currency trading, who convert it to other funds for importers… …   Big dictionary of business and management

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